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Serine kinase activity associated with Maloney murine sarcoma virus-124-encoded p37mos.

An antiserum directed against amino acid residues 37-55 [anti-mos (37-55) serum] of the predicted v-mos sequence was used to precipitate p37mos from Moloney murine sarcoma virus-124 (Mo-MuSV-124) acutely infected 3T3 cells. Proteins with sizes ranging from p37mos to 43 kDa (p43) were found to be phosphorylated when anti-mos (37-55) immune complexes containing p37mos were incubated with [gamma-32P]ATP and Mn2+. The phosphorylation of p37mos and p43 could be specifically blocked when the anti-mos (37-55) serum was incubated with 37-55 cyclic mos peptide prior to immunoprecipitation, but not if the serum was preincubated with an unrelated peptide representing amino acids of the myc protein sequence. Anti-mos (37-55) immune complexes from uninfected 3T3 cells did not produce any phosphorylated proteins the size of p37mos or p43. However, a 50-kDa protein ( p50) was phosphorylated in both unblocked and mos peptide-blocked anti-mos (37-55) immune complexes from infected 3T3 cells, and in immune complexes from uninfected cells. Quercetin, an inhibitor of some protein kinases, inhibited the kinase phosphorylating p50 but not the kinase phosphorylating p37mos and p43. Preabsorption of the cell extract prior to immunoprecipitation with an excess of formalin-fixed Staphylococcus aureus, complexed with preimmune normal rabbit serum IgG, specifically removed the kinase phosphorylating p50. The amount of in vitro phosphorylated p37mos and p43 in the immune-complex kinase assay reached a maximum in extracts of 3T3 cells 2-3 days postinfection with Mo-MuSV 124 but decreased to trace levels after 5 days. Metabolically and in vitro phosphorylated p37mos generated an identical pattern of phosphopeptides upon partial V8 protease digestion. Based on peptide mapping and a kinetic analysis of the in vitro phosphorylation reaction, p37mos appears to be a precursor to the p43 phosphorylated species. Phosphoamino acid analyses revealed only phosphoserine in in vitro phosphorylated p37mos and p43mos. It was concluded that p37mos is closely associated with a serine kinase activity and that the in vitro phosphorylation of p37mos may lead to formation of a highly modified mos protein (p43) by way of superphosphorylation.[1]


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