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Cellular DNA regions involved in the induction of rat thymic lymphomas (Mlvi-1, Mlvi-2, Mlvi-3, and c-myc) represent independent loci as determined by their chromosomal map location in the rat.

The induction of thymic lymphomas by Moloney murine leukemia virus in the rat is linked to provirus integration in at least four independent cellular DNA regions (Mlvi-1, Mlvi-2, Mlvi-3, and c-myc). Because sequences homologous to at least three of these regions (Mlvi-1, Mlvi-2, and c-myc) map to chromosome 15 in the mouse, the question was raised whether they are closely linked in the rat genome and whether provirus integration in any one of these regions affects the same functional domain in rat DNA. In this study, we identified the chromosomal map location of Mlvi-1, Mlvi-2, and Mlvi-3 in the rat by using mouse-rat somatic cell hybrids that lose the rat chromosomes. The results showed that Mlvi-1 maps similarly to c-myc to chromosome 7, and Mlvi-2 maps to chromosome 2. Mlvi-3 probably maps to chromosome 15. We conclude that Mlvi-1, Mlvi-2, and Mlvi-3 are separate and independent genetic loci. Although Mlvi-1 and c-myc map to the same chromosome, they are not related, as determined by hybridization and restriction endonuclease mapping. The chromosomal map location of Mlvi-1 to chromosome 7 and Mlvi-2 to chromosome 2 is interesting, since chromosomal aberrations involving these two chromosomes are reproducibly observed in rat neoplasias induced by a variety of agents.[1]


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