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The epidemiology of the postpericardiotomy syndrome: a common complication of cardiac surgery.

PPS is a major cause of morbidity after cardiac surgery and may cause bypass graft closure and fatal cardiac tamponade. Little is known about its incidence and cause. To better define this syndrome characterized by postoperative fever, pericardial friction rub, and pericardial pain, we used two out of three of the preceding criteria to diagnose PPS. In a prospective epidemiologic study we followed 944 consecutive patients undergoing open-heart surgery between November 1984 and November 1985. The overall incidence was 17.8%. The incidence was increased in younger patients, in those with a history of prednisone use in the past, in patients with a past history of pericarditis, those with aortic valve replacement, and in patients who received enflurane or halothane anesthesia. PPS is a common syndrome. Knowledge of risk factors associated with PPS may allow its prevention and identification of patients who warrant early and aggressive treatment.[1]


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