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Disease relevance of Pericarditis


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Chemical compound and disease context of Pericarditis


Biological context of Pericarditis

  • As in other reported cases histology revealed a fibrinous mononuclear pericarditis and the pericardial fluid was a serosanguinous inflammatory exudate with a high LDH level and normal glucose concentration [16].
  • The association of pericarditis with practolol but not with other beta-blockers, the association of captopril and other angiotensin-converting enzymes with cough, and the association of terfenadine with heart rate and rhythm disorders could be identified by mining the WHO database [17].
  • Five strains of an unusual Gram-negative, catalase-positive, oxidase-positive, coccobacillus-shaped bacterium isolated from the lungs and heart of pigs with pneumonia and pericarditis were characterized by phenotypic and molecular genetic methods [18].

Anatomical context of Pericarditis


Gene context of Pericarditis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pericarditis


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