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Characterization of the gene for the Fe-protein of the vanadium dependent alternative nitrogenase of Azotobacter vinelandii and construction of a Tn5 mutant.

A sequence homologous to the conventional nifH gene has been cloned from a different region of the Azotobacter vinelandii genome. Tn5 insertions were obtained in this clone and the mutagenized plasmid was used for marker exchange with A. vinelandii strain CA12 (delta nifHDK) to obtain Tn5 mutants. These mutants exhibited a Nif- phenotype in the presence of vanadium, unlike CA12 which was Nif+ on vanadium-containing medium. The gene in the cloned nifH-like region is therefore apparently involved in the vanadium dependent alternative pathway of nitrogen fixation. This gene, nifH2, has been sequenced and encodes a protein of 289 amino acids that is similar to nifH in nucleotide sequence, deduced amino acid sequence, predicted secondary structure and hydrophobicity profile. A second open reading frame downstream of nifH2 codes for a protein of 64 amino acids, similar to the ferredoxin (Fd)-like protein encoded downstream of nifH* in A. chroococum. Sequence analysis suggests that the nifH2 and Fd-like genes are in a single operon.[1]


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