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Occurrence of some blood and intestinal parasites in dogs in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.

In August 1986, 133 dogs at the Veterinary Service of the Netherlands Antilles and the SPCA of Curaçao were examined for microfilaremia and for evidence of gastrointestinal parasitism. Microfilariae of Dipetalonema reconditum were present in 27.8% of the dogs examined with no significant difference in the infection rate between domestic and feral dogs. Microfilariae of the canine heartworm Dirofilaria immitis were found in 9% of the dogs with a significantly higher rate of infection in domestic (pet) dogs (13.5%) than in feral dogs (3.4%). Of the intestinal parasites observed Ancylostoma sp. was present in the highest percentage of dogs (68.4%) followed by Toxocara sp. (7.5%). Other parasites were present in less than 5% of the dogs examined and included, in decreasing order of prevalence, Spirocerca sp., Giardia sp., coccidia, Taenia sp. and Trichuris sp. The present paper presents the first evidence of Di. reconditum on Curaçao and suggests the introduction of D. immitis to the island within the 10 years preceeding this report. The persistently high rate of infection with Ancylostoma underscores the continuing risk of cutaneous larva migrans to human beings in the region.[1]


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