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Esophageal disruption: evaluation with iohexol esophagography.

Twenty-six patients with possible esophageal disruption who were also at risk for aspiration or direct communication of the esophagus with the tracheobronchial tree were examined with iohexol esophagography. Fifteen patients had normal studies confirmed by findings at a barium examination performed immediately after. In 11 patients abnormalities were diagnosed on the basis of iohexol esophagograms; the abnormalities included extraluminal extravasation of contrast material (n = 7), aspiration (n = 1), esophageal stricture with intramural diverticulosis (n = 1), edema of the gastroesophageal junction (n = 1), and epiphrenic diverticulum (n = 1). Eight of these patients were immediately reexamined with barium esophagography, which yielded no additional information. Low-osmolality, water-soluble contrast agents are a safe alternative for patients in whom barium esophagography poses a risk of mediastinitis and esophagography with diatrizoate meglumine and diatrizoate sodium (Gastrografin) poses a risk of pulmonary edema.[1]


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