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Chemical Compound Review

Hypaque     3,5-diacetamido-2,4,6- triiodo-benzoic acid

Synonyms: Odiston, Triombrin, DIATRIZOATE, Iothalamate, Gastrografin, ...
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Disease relevance of amidotrizoic acid


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Chemical compound and disease context of amidotrizoic acid


Biological context of amidotrizoic acid


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Gene context of amidotrizoic acid

  • CONCLUSION: Intravenous injection of ionic high-osmolar diatrizoate reduced renal GPX activity during the first hour in both normal and STZ-induced diabetic rats [30].
  • The two CM induced an immediate and progressive decline of both GFR and RPF in the absence of hypovolemia, more pronounced in D (-36% at 120 min) than after I (-19% at 120 min; P < 0.05 versus D) [16].
  • In unpretreated patients receiving either D or I, plasma ET-1 did not change but urinary levels increased; these changes were, however, dissociated from those observed in renal hemodynamics [16].
  • To discover the agents in the medium causing the cytogenetic damage, we exposed human lymphocyte cultures to diatrizoate and to the monoamino- and diamino-derivatives of triiodobenzoic acid [31].
  • NO generation was implicated in the actions of several nephrotoxicants, i.e., diatrizoate, gentamicin, amikacin, HgCl(2), and CdCl(2), each of which decreased Mrp2-mediated transport by activating ET signaling [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of amidotrizoic acid


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