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Diet and sterol biohydrogenation in the rat: occurrence of epicoprostanol.

The fecal sterols from rats fed several types of semipurified or commercial diets were analyzed by a combination of thin layer and gas liquid chromatography. In rats fed semipurified diets with lard, sucrose, and casein, increasing proportions of lard (0, 8, 20, 65%) enhanced the fecal coprostanol/coprostanol + cholesterol ratio (from 0.50 to 0.85). This ratio was reduced by replacing lard with triolein or a mixture of calcium oleate and linoleate (1:1) and did not change when trierucin was substituted. No coprostanol formation was observed in rats fed a diet with tripalmitin or tristearin. The addition of sodium hyodeoxycholate (0.5%) or cholestyramine (2%) to the basal diet was without effect on the coprostanol/coprostanol + cholesterol ratio in the feces. The addition of sodium taurocholate (0.2, 0.75, and 4%) strongly reduced coprostanol formation, while a chronic bile duct ligation led to an enhancement. Cholesterol feeding (0.05, 0.2, and 0.5% in the diet) slightly increased (from 51 to 66%) coprostanol formation. Trace amounts of epicoprostanol were generally found in the feces. However, in some cases a very high proportion (up to 60%) of this sterol was observed. Possible relationships between the presence of epicoprostanol and the nature of the diet are discussed.[1]


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