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The insensitivity of the chicken eye to the inflammatory effects of x-rays in contrast to its sensitivity to other inflammatory agents.

The effects of x-rays and three chemical agents, known to cause intraocular inflammation in mammalian eyes, were studied on the chicken eye because this species was reported to be insensitive to the cataractogenic effects of x-rays. Intravitreal injection of Shigella endotoxin and topical and/or intravitreal administration of PGE2, PGF2alpha, or arachidonic acid caused a breakdown of the blood-aqueous barrier, as indicated by flare and increased protein concentration in the aqueous humor. Following endotoxin injection, there was also a large accumulation of cells in the anterior chamber. The ocular inflammatory effects of endotoxin and arachidonic acid were inhibited by indomethacin. Thus the chicken eye reacts to these inflammatory agents in a manner similar to that previously described for the rabbit. In contrast, the inflammatory response which was reported to occur in the rabbit eye 3 to 4 hr after exposure to 500 or 1000 rads of x-rays was not observed in the chicken eye even after expsoure to 10,000 rads. Minimal flare and a small cellular infiltration were observed in some eyes only after extensive swelling of the surrounding tissues had developed. It is concluded that the insensitivity of the chicken eye to x-rays is due to some unique difference in the chain of events which mediates, or prevents, the effects of ionizing radiation rather than to a general insensivity to inflammatory agents.[1]


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