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Distribution of fibronectin in human and rabbit corneas.

In order to study the possible role of fibronectin ( FN) in corneal wound healing and the relationship between FN and sensory innervation, FN was demonstrated immunohistochemically in both normal and sensorily denervated rabbit corneas and in normal or tissue-cultured human corneas. The distribution of FN was the same in the groups examined: a thin subepithelial band of FN-like immunoreactivity was seen at the level of epithelial basement membrane and at the stromal side of Descemet's membrane. Epithelial abrasions were also performed in both normal and denervated rabbit corneas. The results were compared with those obtained from organ-cultured human corneas. Following abrasion of the corneal epithelium, FN was detected in the anterior margin of the denuded stroma 18 hr after the operation in the areas where the epithelium had not healed, but not 49 hr after. Sensory denervation did not affect the distribution of FN in normal, denervated or healing rabbit cornea. It is concluded that FN is probably not controlled by sensory innervation.[1]


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