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Affinity labeling of the sialoglycopeptide antimitogen receptor.

An 18-kDa 125I-sialoglycopeptide growth inhibitor was covalently cross-linked to its binding site on intact cultured Swiss 3T3 cells by three bifunctional cross-linkers with short (dimethyl adipimate), medium (disuccinimidyl suberate), and long (bis(2-succinimidooxycarbonyloxyethyl)sulfone) chain lengths. Analysis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography demonstrated a band of Mr approximately 168,000 regardless of which cross-linker was used. The labeling of this band was specific in that it was prevented by excess unlabeled inhibitor and the apparent molecular weight of the cross-linked receptor-ligand complex was unchanged by treatment with reducing agent. The efficiency of the cross-linking was increased by increasing pH, and the extent of covalent cross-linking was dependent on the concentration of the bifunctional reagent. Octyl glucoside and sodium dodecyl sulfate were effective in solubilizing the receptor while Triton X-100 did not extract the receptor from the plasma membrane. These observations suggest that the 168-kDa binding species represents the 125I-sialoglycopeptide cross-linked to a specific plasma membrane receptor and that the receptor does not appear to contain interchain disulfide bonds.[1]


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