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Anthelmintics. Current concepts in the treatment of helminthic infections.

This article discusses the anthelmintics now in common use and describes their mode of action and toxic side effects. The drugs reviewed include: pyrantel pamoate, mebendazole, piperazine, thiabendazole, niclosamide, praziquantel, niridazole, oxamniquine and diethylcarbamazine. Most of the common roundworm intestinal infections respond to treatment with pyrantel pamoate, which has the advantage of single-dose therapy. Trichuriasis requires therapy with mebendazole, while the filariases are treated with diethylcarbamazine. There is no specific therapy for trichinellosis, but its symptoms can be alleviated. Intestinal cestode infections respond to treatment with niclosamide and cerebral cysticercosis to praziquantel, but echinococcal hydatid disease still requires surgical intervention in certain cases, although prolonged treatment with mebendazole shows promise. The greatest recent advance in the therapy of helminthiases is the development of praziquantel which effectively treats the most severe of these infections.[1]


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