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Killing of preimplantation mouse embryos by main ingredients of cleansers AS and LAS.

When main ingredients of cleansers, alcohol sulfate (AS) and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), were applied to the dorsal skin of pregnant JCL:ICR mice during preimplantation period (days 0-2), significant numbers of embryos collected from the oviducts and uteri on day 3 showed severe deformity or remained at the morula stage. Most of abnormal embryos were fragmented or remained at the 1-8 cell stages, and they were either dead or dying. Even when these abnormal embryos were cultivated in the detergent-free medium, they were not recovered, while most growth-retarded embryos (morula) could grow and hatch with one or two days lag by the further in vitro cultivation. Similar results were observed with commercially obtained kitchen detergent and hair shampoo, although such embryocidal effects were not detected with natural soap and distilled water. Fertilized eggs may be specifically sensitive to synthetic detergents. Very low doses of X-rays also induced significant yields of abnormal embryos. Major difference between X-rays and detergents was that X-ray-induced abnormality appeared at the morula or blastocyst stage, while detergent-induced one did at the earlier stages.[1]


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