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Identification of the ureidoglycolate hydrolase gene in the DAL gene cluster of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

This report describes the isolation of the genes encoding allantoicase (DAL2) and ureidoglycolate hydrolase (DAL3), which are components of the large DAL gene cluster on the right arm of chromosome IX of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. During this work a new gene (DAL7) was identified and found to be regulated in the manner expected for an allantoin pathway gene. Its expression was (i) induced by allophanate, (ii) sensitive to nitrogen catabolite repression, and (iii) responsive to mutation of the DAL80 and DAL81 loci, which have previously been shown to regulate the allantoin degradation system. Hybridization probes generated from these cloned genes were used to analyze expression of the allantoin pathway genes in wild-type and mutant cells grown under a variety of physiological conditions. When comparison was possible, the patterns of mRNA and enzyme levels observed in various strains and physiological conditions were very similar, suggesting that the system is predominantly regulated at the level of gene expression. Although all of the genes seem to be controlled by a common mechanism, their detailed patterns of expression were, at the same time, highly individual and diverse.[1]


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