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DNA sequence of a 3.8 kilobase pair region controlling Drosophila chorion gene amplification.

During Drosophila oogenesis, two clusters of chorion genes and their flanking DNA sequences undergo amplification in the ovarian follicle cells. Amplification results from repeated rounds of initiation and bidirectional replication within the chorion gene regions, possibly from a single origin, producing nested replication forks. Previously we have shown that following reintroduction into the Drosophila genome, a specific 3.8 kilobase pair DNA segment from the amplified third chromosome domain could induce developmentally regulated amplification at its site of insertion. Here we present the complete nucleotide sequence of this "amplification control element" and of genes encoding the chorion structural proteins s18-1 and s15-1, which are contained within it. Sequences that may be involved in the regulation of chorion gene amplification and expression are identified.[1]


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