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Pharmacokinetics of topically applied radiolabeled retinoids in hairless mouse epidermis and dermis after single applications.

The retention of tritium-labeled all-trans-retinoic acid (RA), 13-cis-retinoic acid (13-cis-RA), aromatic retinoid, and arotinoid ethyl ester in the epidermis and dermis of hairless mice was measured up to 24 h following a single topical application in an acetone vehicle. The radioactivity in the tissues was extractable with chloroform:methanol, and the identities of the radioactive species extracted were confirmed as retinoids using thin-layer chromatography. All the retinoids were absorbed into the skin rapidly. After an initial period of distribution and penetration (lasting for about 1 h) the amount of the applied retinoid remaining in the epidermis and dermis decreased more slowly, obeying first order (exponential) decay kinetics. Both the arotinoid and the aromatic retinoid persisted for longer in the epidermis than equivalent doses of RA or 13-cis-RA. The half-lives of the retinoids in the dermis tended to be longer than in the epidermis, except for the arotinoid. Aromatic retinoid persisted for longest in the dermis with a half-life of 11 h.[1]


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