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Parenteral nutrition at home for 5 years via arteriovenous fistulae. Supplemental intravenous feedings for a patient with severe short bowel syndrome.

On March 26, 1970, a 33-year-old male suffered intestinal infarction which required total enterectomy and duodeno-transverse colostomy. Nutrition was maintained in the hospital by daily parenteral feeding for 2 months postoperatively, after which parenteral feedings were decreased and stopped for long periods. Various oral dietary regimens failed to provide adequate nutrition, and the patient lost 40 kg and became severely malnourished during the next 13 months. In June 1971, supplemental home parenteral nutrition (PN) via an arteriovenous fistula was instituted on a 3 or 4 nights per week basis. The patient's weight and strength increased markedly after institution of the home supplemental PN program. The first fistula became occluded after 9.5 months of home PN use and subsequent successive fistulae have remained patent for 31.3, 8.8, and 5.5 months of use. The patient prepares his own PN fluids at home, using a commercial device for filling plastic intravenous fluid bags. Although several different types of fluid have been used, the current mixture of 25% glucose and 2.75% amino acids with added vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and insulin plus simultaneously administered lipid emulsion has proven most effective. Only when the patient's low fat, low oxalate diet is supplemented with this parenteral mixture 4 nights each week is he in positive nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium balance. However, his negative calcium balance is only partially corrected. There has been no sepsis, embolism, or fistula infection during 5 years of home PN.[1]


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