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Disease relevance of Colostomy

  • Subsequently, a retrograde whole-colon lavage with PVPI 5 per cent and Gastrografin 12 per cent was performed in 14 euthyroid, non-allergic patients with colorectal cancer using a colostomy irrigation set [1].
  • We report the case of a 49-year-old C6 ASIA B tetraplegic man who had received colostomy because of intractable ileus 10 years earlier [2].
  • The usual approach to this problem is simple incision and parenteral antibiotics but we have recently treated two patients with wide excision combined with a defunctioning colostomy which resulted in rapid and complete eradication of sepsis [3].
  • From 1977 to Nov 1, 1980, progress in immediate nursing and total parenteral nutrition made colostomy unnecessary in 19 neonates and infants with severe Hirschsprung's disease [4].
  • Distal colectomy is curative but the formation of a colostomy is undesirable in patients who already have a poor self-image due to the other manifestations of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome such as multiple cutaneous hemangiomata, severe varicose veins, and prominent limb hypertrophy [5].

High impact information on Colostomy


Chemical compound and disease context of Colostomy


Anatomical context of Colostomy


Associations of Colostomy with chemical compounds

  • To determine if the effects of pinealectomy on the colon could be modified by the absence of colonic luminal contents, the crypt cell kinetic effects of combined pinealectomy and defunctioning of a colonic loop by colostomy for 6 months were examined by using a stathmokinetic technique [10].
  • Similar analyses of the colostomy contents of subjects revealed a total menaquinone content of 8.85 micrograms/g dry weight [18].
  • The emptying of the colon and the side-effects after intraluminal application of prostaglandin E2 and of bisacodyl in 14 patients was studied by employing colostomy irrigation [19].
  • Treatment included primary closure of the rectal perforation with colostomy diversion combined with parenteral antibiotics [20].
  • Chemical colostomy irrigation with glyceryl trinitrate solution [21].

Gene context of Colostomy

  • METHODS AND RESULTS: The expression of CD44v3, CD44v6, and MIB1 (proliferation marker) was studied by immunohistochemistry on surgical colonic samples of UC (n = 13), CD (n = 10), colostomy resections with non-specific mucosal inflammation (NSMI) (n = 3), and normal controls (N = 5) [22].
  • Functional results in 33 patients who underwent a coloanal anastomosis with reservoir were prospectively evaluated three months after colostomy closure and later (16.2 +/- 5.7 months) and were compared with those of 36 healthy controls [23].
  • Growth hormone treatment of rats with chronic diverting colostomy. Differential response on proximal functioning and distal atrophic colon [24].
  • A useful technique of paramedian skin incision for midline laparotomy in patients requiring colostomy in left lower abdomen [25].
  • Healing of a left colon anastomosis after early colostomy closure. An experimental study in the rat [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Colostomy

  • Use of total parenteral nutrition as a "medical colostomy" in management of severe lacerations of the sphincter: report of a case [27].
  • METHODS: In a cross-over study, 41 colostomy irrigators were randomly assigned to water or polyethylene glycol solution irrigation first and then the other regimen, each for one week [28].
  • The accelerated-stay program included preoperative information, no premedication, a surgical procedure without colostomy, single-dose prophylactic antibiotics, paracetamol for analgesia, free oral fluid and food immediately after the operation supplemented by laxatives, and enforced mobilization [29].
  • The number of in-hospital days required due to gastrointestinal (GI) complications and the number of days required for supplemental parenteral hyperalimentation were significantly higher in patients managed by terminal ileostomy than by colostomy (P less than .05 and P less than .03, respectively) [30].
  • Our modification of using tube cecostomy and parenteral nutrition instead of a temporary transverse colostomy warrants attention; it made the technique simpler and more attractive [31].


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