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Major histocompatibility (B) complex effects on acquired immunity to cecal coccidiosis.

The influence of the major histocompatibility (B) complex on acquired immunity to the avian coccidium Eimeria tenella was studied in 217 F4 segregants (B2B2, B2B5, B5B5) of a cross between inbred lines 6(1) (B2B2) and 15(1) (B5B5) and segregating haplotype combinations of UNH105 (B23B23, B23B24, B24B24), a noninbred line of New Hampshire chickens. Chickens were immunized at 6 weeks of age with 500 oocysts daily for 5 days, then challenged 14 days later with 10 000 oocysts. Responses to infection were evaluated by cecal lesion scores, body weight gain, delayed wattle reaction (DWR), and spleen weight. The F4 segregants of genotypes B2B5 and B5B5 exhibited greater immunity to challenge than B2B2 chickens. B5B5 chickens showed a significantly greater DWR following immunization and larger spleens 6 days after the challenge than either of the other genotypes. However, both B2B5 and B5B5 chickens demonstrated significantly lower lesion scores than B2B2 chickens. There were no significant differences in weight gain among these genotypes. Among 139 line UNH105 segregants, B23B23 hosts had significantly lower lesion scores than B24B24 chickens. No other differences in immune response among line UNH105 genotypes were detected.[1]


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