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Effects of naproxen on connective tissue changes in the adjuvant arthritic rat.

The Freund's adjuvant-injected rat shares a number of features with the arthritis patient, viz the presence of a proliferative synovitis, joint swelling, and cartilage and bone erosion. Naproxen, a prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor which is an effective antiinflammatory agent in laboratory animals and humans, was evaluated as an inhibitor of connective tissue destruction in this model by use of radiologic and histopathologic analyses. Sixteen days after rats were injected with Freund's complete adjuvant, marked joint swelling was noted. On day 17, vehicle or naproxen, 7 mg/kg/day, was administered orally. Twenty-eight days later vehicle-treated animals demonstrated the following pathologic changes in their hindpaws; swelling, cartilage loss, large amounts of pannus within the joint spaces, osteoporosis, bone erosions, periosteal new bone formation, heterotopic ossification, and bony ankylosis. Rats treated 28 days with naproxen had significantly milder disease than the vehicle controls. The incidence of severe juxtaarticular bone destruction was 10/10 in the vehicle controls versus 2/10 of the drug-treated group (P less than 0.01). A comparable reduction in cartilage erosion, incidence of pannus, and new bone formation was noted in the drug-treated group. These effects may relate to an inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis; prostaglandins have been shown to: 1) stimulate collagenase secretion from macrophages, 2) stimulate bone resorption in vivo and in vitro, and 3) diminish proteoglycan synthesis in cartilage.[1]


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