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Disease relevance of Ankylosis


High impact information on Ankylosis

  • Patients with severe ankylosing spondylitis of long duration often have spinal osteoporosis secondary to ankylosis and immobility [6].
  • All three of the human mutations showed significantly more activity than a previously described nonsense mutation that causes severe hydroxyapatite mineral deposition and widespread joint ankylosis in mice [7].
  • Loss of control over several components of inflammation resulted in extensive and rapid cartilage degradation, bone erosion, joint ankylosis, and deformities in Tnfip6-null animals [8].
  • Neither theophylline alone nor caffeine alone (each at 10 mg/kg/day) significantly affected the severity of the arthritis, but both agents markedly reversed the effect of MTX as measured by a severity index, hindpaw swelling, and hindpaw ankylosis [9].
  • These data suggest that TNFR1 is the main transducer of TNF proinflammatory effects establishing CIA, but the progression of arthritis to tissue destruction and ankylosis is independent of TNFR1 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ankylosis

  • Both caiman and mouse HERS covered the entire tooth root length, while in the gecko HERS was limited to the coronal portion of the root, allowing for cementoid-mediated ankylosis at the apical tip of the root [11].
  • These results give further clues as to how PC inhibits the progression of ankylosis in MPA [12].
  • The immunomodulatory effects of proteases, not seen with ibuprofen, may underlie a correction of aberrant IgG glycosylation and/or contribute to the increased capacity of protease to delay or forestall erosive and destructive arthritis or ankylosis [13].
  • Effects of occlusal loading on ankylosis, bone, and cementum formation during bone morphogenetic protein-2-stimulated periodontal regeneration in vivo [14].
  • Micro-computed tomography and histologic observations revealed that bone-like structures within the pulp and ankylosis between the roots and socket bones occurred commonly in the control group, but were uncommon in the alendronate group [15].

Biological context of Ankylosis


Anatomical context of Ankylosis

  • These initial studies using ank and PC-1 mutant mice were done to see if such mineral deposition and resulting ankylosis were occurring in the periodontium as well [20].
  • Six patients had hemifacial microsomia, and two suffered from posttraumatic temporomandibular joint ankylosis [21].
  • The prevalence of grade V sacro-iliits--extensive ankylosis--was greater in HLA B27-positive than in HLA B27-negative patients, and ankylosis of apophyseal joints, ossification of the interspinous ligament, or block vertebrae were not seen in HLA B27-negative patients [22].
  • In approximately one-fourth of the patients with RA, the sacroiliac joints demonstrate radiographic changes of subchondral bony erosions and articular destruction, as well as ankylosis [23].
  • In teeth that are replanted following avulsion injury, recolonization of the PL space by osteogenic cells instead of by PL fibroblasts may favor bone formation (i.e. ankylosis) instead of PL regeneration [24].

Gene context of Ankylosis

  • There is hope that ankylosis may be preventable, but it remains to be shown whether patients benefit from long-term anti-TNF therapy and whether radiological progression and ankylosis can be stopped [25].
  • We found it noteworthy that no instances of epithelial down growth, ankylosis or root resorption were observed in the bFGF sites [26].
  • Ankylosis disappearance following application of BMP has been observed in the case of a small defect, which might be beneficial change for periodontal regeneration [27].
  • In contrast to rheumatoid arthritis, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs have not been proved effective against inflammation and progressive ankylosis [28].
  • Characterization of a stapes ankylosis family with a NOG mutation [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ankylosis


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