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Labelling of DNA and differential sister chromatid staining after BrdU treatment in vivo.

A method of labelling DNA in vivo with 5-bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) is described. After 6 h permanent subcutaneous infusion of BrdU in rodents (adult Microtus agrestis, pregnant NMRI-mice), cell nuclei which have undergone DNA synthesis during the BrdU treatment can be differentiated from the nuclei of other cycle stages by means of their altered staining behaviour after Giemsa. 24 h after the BrdU treatment, mitoses from both bone marrow of the adult animals and tissues from the fetuses showed a differential sister chromatid staining. In male M. agrestis, sister chromatid exchanges were most frequently found in the euchromatic part of the X and in the constitutive heterochromatin of both sex chromosomes.[1]


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