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Physical and genetic structure of the glpK- cpxA interval of the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome.

Mutations at the cpxA locus of Escherichia coli K-12 affect cellular processes that are not otherwise related. We have now determined the physical and genetic structure of the E. coli chromosome in the region of cpxA (87.5 min). Our results indicate that cpxA is a single gene. Previous studies showed cpxA to be linked to tpiA. We therefore isolated two tpiA+ recombinant plasmids, pRA200 and pRA300, from EcoRI and BamHI digests of F'133, respectively. By genetic complementation or enzyme overproduction, the 9.5 kb EcoRI fragment in pRA200 was shown to include glpK, tpiA and cdh. The 13.6 kb BamHI fragment of pRA300 lacks glpK, but includes tpiA, pfkA and cpxA. Neither fragment complemented a deletion of the rha operon. These data indicate the chromosomal gene order: 87 min-rha-cpxA-pfkA-cdh-tpiA-glpK-88 min. The EcoRI and BamHI fragments overlap in an interval corresponding to about 8.2 kb of DNA. The total region of the E. coli K12 chromosome covered by the two fragments is about 15 kb. A terminal 2 kb EcoRI-BamHI fragment from pRA300 complemented the chromosomal cpxA2[Ts] allele with respect to isoleucine and valine synthesis, RNA bacteriophage sensitivity and surface exclusion in Hfr strains, and envelope protein composition. Complementation occurred when the fragment was subcloned in pBR325 but not when it was subcloned in pBR322, suggesting that the 2 kb fragment lacks expression sequences that are supplied by cat ( chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene) expression sequences of pBR325. The cpxA locus on the E. coli chromosome was established with respect to two chromosomal Tn10 insertions by a combination of genetic and physical analyses. The locus established by those analyses was consistent with the location of the 2 kb EcoRI-BamHI fragment in the physical map of the region. Physical analyses of (rha-pfkA) and (rha-tpiA) deletion strains showed that they lack cpxA and surrounding genes. Since these strains were viable, cpxA is not essential under all growth conditions.[1]


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