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Variation of interferon induction at the bone marrow level. Studies on interferon induction in relation to natural cell-mediated cytotoxic mechanisms.

The effects of interferon inducers on different cytolytic mechanisms were studied in the high leukemia mouse strain AKR. A clear depression in baseline cytolytic potential and interferon-mediated stimulation of natural killer cell activities was demonstrated. This depression was most pronounced after 8 weeks of age. In contrast, antibody-dependent, cell-mediated cytotoxicity against IgG-coated chicken red blood cells was always normal. Bone marrow chimeras between CBA and AKR mice were produced to investigate the influence of bone marrow vs. host-mediated factors in these two strains with regard to interferon induction and cytolytic functions. Bone marrow genotype was found to be the dominating factor with regard to both parameters. Mice reconstituted with AKR bone marrow were deficient both in interferon production using tilorone and Newcastle disease virus as inducers, and at the level of natural killer cells responding to exogenously administered interferon. The possible relationship between these findings and the development of lymphomas in AKR mice is discussed.[1]


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