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Effects of the glucosidase inhibitors nojirimycin and deoxynojirimycin on the biosynthesis of membrane and secretory glycoproteins.

The glucosidase inhibitors nojirimycin (NM) and 1-deoxynojirimycin (dNM) interfere with N-linked glycosylation. The effects of NM and dNM on the biosynthesis of secretory glycoproteins (IgD and IgM) and membrane glycoproteins (HLA-A, B, C and -DR antigens) have been examined. Whereas treatment of IgD- and IgM-producing cells with NM results in the transfer of drastically shortened oligosaccharide side chains, treatment with dNM inhibits trimming, most probably through interaction with glucosidase I and/or II. A comparison of NM and dNM with tunicamycin and the mannosidase inhibitor swainsonine (SW) show that each of the inhibitors interferes with N-linked glycosylation in a distinct manner. For both Ig and HLA antigens, the effects of SW are discernible at the final stages of glycan maturation only, whereas the effects of dNM are observed quite early in the biosynthetic process. The secretion of IgD, but not IgM, was blocked in dNM-treated cells. The HLA-A, B, C heavy chains synthesized by the Daudi cell line were degraded in an accelerated fashion in dNM-treated cells, but no effects were seen on the HLA-DR antigens in these cells. Although both SW and dNM interfere with trimming, further modifications of the oligosaccharide side chains occur, and show that the two processes are not obligately coupled. Glucosidase inhibitors such as NM and dNM, as well as the mannosidase inhibitor SW, allow modification of glycan structure, and may be used to study the biological role of glycoprotein oligosaccharides and their modifications.[1]


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