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Complete nucleotide sequence of the neuraminidase gene of influenza B virus.

The complete nucleotide sequence of the neuraminidase gene of influenza virus B/Lee/40 was derived from a cloned cDNA copy of virion RNA segment 6 and its corresponding mRNA. The RNA segment contains 1,557 virus-specific nucleotides, and the protein encoded by the longest open reading frame has a total of 466 amino acids with a molecular weight of 51,721. As is the case with the influenza A virus neuraminidases, the deduced amino acid sequence of the influenza B protein includes a single hydrophobic region near the amino terminus which would be capable of spanning the lipid bilayer of the viral or cell membrane. There are four potential glycosylation sites in the protein, two of which are near the amino-terminal hydrophobic region. Comparisons of the nucleotide and amino acid sequences with those of influenza A virus neuraminidases revealed seven regions of extensive homology within the central portion of the molecules, including 12 conserved cysteine residues. Five other cysteine residues in the terminal portions were also conserved.[1]


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