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Herpes simplex virus and protein transport are associated with the cytoskeletal framework and the nuclear matrix in infected BSC-1 cells.

Triton cytoskeletons and nuclear matrices were prepared from herpes simplex virus (HSV)-infected cells by a sequential fractionation scheme. Electron microscopic studies revealed the association of mature HSV with the filamentous network of the nuclear matrix. Indirect immunofluorescence assays with monoclonal antibodies revealed that ICP5, the major capsid protein, accumulated on the nuclear matrix while ICP8, the major viral DNA binding protein, accumulates in the chromatin fraction that can be separated from the nuclear matrix by extraction with DNase and salt. Pulse-chase experiments confirmed the kinetics studies of D. M. Knipe and A. E. Spang (J. Virol. 43, 314-324, 1982) and showed that ICP5 is transported after a lag from the cytoplasmic framework to the nuclear matrix, while ICP8 is transported faster to the chromatin fraction.[1]


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