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Interrelationships between Golgi, GERL and synaptic vesicles in the nerve cells of insect and gastropod ganglia.

In addition to demonstrating synaptic vesicles, staining with the zinc-iodide-osmium tetroxide (ZIO) method reveals the presence of positively reacting GERL membranes in association with the Golgi complex and lysosomes in the nerve cell bodies within ganglia from the locust Schistocerca gregaria and the gastropod molluscs, Limnaea stagnalis and Helix aspersa. A positive response to ZIO occurs in certain Golgi vesicles and saccules, in GERL (Golgi-endoplasmic-reticulum-lysosomes), in multivesicular bodies as well as residual bodies and in small vesicles and cisternae of axonal smooth endoplasmic reticllum (ER). The interrelationships between these organelles are considered in view of the similarity of the ZIO localization to phosphatase-rich sites in the neuronal perikarya and with respect to the possibility that components of the synaptic vesicles are formed in the Golgi region of the cell and migrate via the axonal smooth ER to the synaptic regions.[1]


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