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Constant infusion schedule for adriamycin: a phase I-II clinical trial of a 30-day schedule by ambulatory pump delivery system.

Eighteen patients received a continuous intravenous infusion of adriamycin for 14-60 days in a phase I study in which the dose rates were escalated from 2 mg/sq m/day to 5 mg/sq m/day to establish the optimal dose to be delivered over a 30-day period. The drug was delivered via a tunneled subclavian catheter by a portable infusion pump (Cormed model ML-6) primed to provide a volume of diluted drug of 10 cc/day. Leukopenia and stomatitis were observed at 4 mg/sq m/day doses or greater in 50% of courses. At doses less than 4 mg/sq m/day, only 3/17 courses (18%) were associated with stomatitis. Partial alopecia developed in all patients, but less than 50% of scalp hair was affected. The cumulative dose of continuous infusion adriamycin at 30 days is comparable to the dose delivered by standard bolus intermittent schedules (60-90 mg/sq m g 21 days), but the adverse drug effects are eliminated or substantially reduced. Cardiac toxicity was assessed in selected patients treated to 450 mg/sq m or greater by cardiac biopsy and/or gated pool studies. No histopathologic lesions were noted in 3 patients receiving 450 mg/sq m or greater. The recommended daily dose rate of adriamycin in this protracted infusion regimen is 3 mg/sq m/day. The phase II study of this schedule and dose rate in 38 additional patients (a total of 52 evaluable patients) demonstrated objective responses in 1/9 soft tissue sarcoma, 1/3 mesothelioma, 1/3 hepatoma, and 2/13 breast cancer. Phase III studies of the protracted continuous infusion schedule for adriamycin are indicated in that clinical activity is demonstrated at a substantial reduction in toxicity. Pharmacologic studies expanding the existing data base are also necessary.[1]


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