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(--)-alpha-Acetylmethadol effects on alcohol and diazepam use, sexual function and cardiac function.

Selected behavioral and physiological effects of maintenance on (--)-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) were examined for 67 men beginning LAAM maintenance. Thirty-four began LAAM maintenance after 1 month or more on methadone; 33 others were using street heroin immediately before beginning LAAM. Subjects were followed for 20 weeks on LAAM; assessment focused on changes in alcohol and diazepam use, sexual behavior and testicular function, and cardiovascular function. There was a trend toward increased alcoholism-related behaviors, but not consumption of alcohol, when on LAAM. Use of diazepam remained low. Subjects reported slightly enhanced sexual activity: reported number of ejaculations tended to increase, although interest in sexual activity remained constant. Semen volume values remained in the low normal range. In contrast to an earlier published report of reduced sperm motility in methadone and heroin users, normal motility was noted in this sample. The incidence of abnormal sperm morphology decreased from baseline to the end of the study. Cardiovascular function, as assessed by response to standard exercise, was unchanged during LAAM maintenance. Electrocardiograms revealed minor abnormalities prior to beginning LAAM maintenance; but these abnormalities did not consistently change during treatment. There is little evidence that the effects of LAAM maintenance differ from the effects of methadone maintenance on these behavioral and physiological functions.[1]


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