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Heroin Dependence

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  • Serum testosterone levels were also approximately 43 per cent lower in methadone clients than in controls or heroin users [9].
  • CONTEXT: Results from several studies conducted in the early 1990s showed that the majority of US methadone maintenance programs did not use treatment practices that met established standards for the care of heroin users [10].
  • Disruptive behavior was documented in the records of 38 of 71 active cocaine or heroin users admitted during 1988 vs 12 of 64 matched control subjects [11].
  • We analyzed sera of 50 consecutively hospitalized heroin-abuse patients for precipitins against several antigens [12].
  • CONTEXT: Effective alternatives to long waiting lists for entry into methadone hydrochloride maintenance treatment are needed to reduce the complications of continuing heroin dependence and to increase methadone treatment entry [13].

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