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Electron microscopic observation of a newly isolated flavivirus-like virus from field-caught mosquitoes.

Of many unidentified virus strains which were isolated from field-caught mosquitoes by using C6/36 cells (a virus-sensitive clone of Aedes albopictus cells), three strains which formed small size plaques (SP virus) in C6/36 cells were investigated by electron microscopy. Although the SP virus strains did not react with antisera against known arboviruses in serological tests, they closely resembled flaviviruses in morphology. However, when they were compared to Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus, several differences in morphogenesis were observed. Proliferating membranous structures and electron-dense amorphous areas involving precursors of the virus were observed only in cells infected with the SP virus strains. Enlarged areas of endoplasmic reticulum containing mature virions were often observed adjacent to these structures. Since the SP virus strains were isolated from wild mosquitoes and multiplied only in mosquito cells, it seems appropriate to classify them as insect viruses which resemble togaviruses morphologically.[1]


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