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A 13-month work-leisure-sleep environment fungal survey.

Thirty plates per month for 13 months were exposed in patients' work-leisure-sleep environments in central New York State. Results show the months of highest mold prevalence in decreasing order were October, September, May and July. These months are also typically our high pollen months. The categories of highest prevalence in decreasing order were yeats, mycelia sterilia, Cladosporium, Penicillium, Rhodotorula, bacteria, Alternaria, Aureobasidium, Epicoccum, Aspergillus, Geotrichum, Basidiomycetes, Actinomycetes and Phoma. These were present in at least 14% of all 390 plates. The present study includes a discussion of the value of these findings in an allergy practice.[1]


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