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Differential expression of lectin receptors in germ layers of the mouse egg cylinder and teratocarcinomas.

Receptors for three lectins with restricted specificities, namely fucose-binding protein of Lotus tetragonolobus ( FBP), peanut agglutinin (PNA) and Dolichos biflorus agglutinin (DBA), were distinctively located in 6- and 7-day mouse embryos and in embryoid bodies of teratocarcinoma OTT6050 grown in vivo. Thus, FBP reacted mainly with the inner cells (embryonic ectoderm and teratocarcinoma stem cells), DBA reacted with the outer cells (endoderm) and PNA reacted with all the germ layers including mesoderm. Upon in vitro culture of the embryoid bodies, the exposed stem cells express DBA receptors. Since the receptors for the three lectins in teratocarcinomas are known to be carried by the large carbohydrate chains characteristic of early embryonic cells, the present result suggests that terminal structure of the large carbohydrates is altered according to the direction of the differentiation or to the position of the cells in embryos and in teratocarcinomas.[1]


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