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The role of the blood glucose level in determining voluntary ethanol consumption in the LACG and diabetogenic C57BL strains of mice.

The influence of the blood glucose level ( BGL) on the voluntary consumption of ethanol by two strains of mice has been investigated. LACG mice show an aversion towards ethanol whereas C57BL mice which are mildly hyperglycaemic show a preference for ethanol. Chronic compulsory ethanol drinking produced hypoglycaemia only in C57BL mice. The oral antidiabetic drugs phenformin and glibenclamide lowered the BGL of C57BL mice which then showed an aversion to ethanol. Raising the BGL of LACG mice by acute alloxan or streptozotocin treatment did not reduce ethanol aversion significantly, but alloxan significantly increased total fluid intake. Diazoxide chronically increased the BGL and slightly increased ethanol consumption in LACG mice. It is concluded that the BGL in C57BL mice may be a factor in determining their innate preference for alcohol. The relationship between alcoholism and diabetes is discussed.[1]


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