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Phosphorylation and nucleic acid binding properties of m1 Moloney murine sarcoma virus-specific pP60gag.

The pP60gag polyprotein of the feline leukemia virus pseudotype of m1 Moloney murine sarcoma virus [m1MSV(FeLV)] was previously shown to be MSV specific and to contain murine p30 and smaller structural polypeptides. This protein was detected in m1MSV-transformed cells, and in pulse-chase studies it was found to be stable. In this study virion P60 was shown to contain murine pp12, to be phosphorylated, and to bind to nucleic acids. 32P-labeled m1MSV[FeLV) was fractionated by guanidine agarose chromatography and analyzed by gel electrophoresis. Both P60 and pp12 were found to be the major phosphoproteins, phosphorylated in both serine and threonine residues. Virion P60 bound preferentially to single-stranded DNA and RNA in a competition filter binding assay, using 125I-labeled single-stranded calf thymus DNA and various unlabeled nucleic acids. Similar phosphorylation and DNA binding properties were demonstrated for cellular P60. Thus, immunoprecipitation of cellular extracts showed that P60 was phosphorylated in both producer and nonproducer transformed cells, indicating that phosphorylation occurs independently of virus assembly. Moreover, P60 from cytoplasmic extracts was retained on single-stranded DNA-Sepharose columns, demonstrating that cellular P60 binds to DNA.[1]


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