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In vivo localization and turnover of radio-iodinated HCG in women with myomas and in nude mice with ovarian tumor heterografts.

Specific localization in vivo of marked, 131I-labelled human chorionic gonadotrophin ( HCG) was shown by scintillation counting of different tissues to occur in rat ovarian tumor, but not in human Krukenberg tumor heterografts growing subcutaneously in female nude mice. The ovaries of the mice showed an increased uptake. This model system may be useful for studying gonadotrophin receptors and gonadotrophin dependency of human ovarian tumors. A similar study in menstruating women about to be operated upon because of myoma showed a remarkably high uptake in the corpus luteum, but binding also in ovarian follicles. The increased uptake of the radioactivity observed in the ovaries enabled preliminary scanning. This unique specificity of uptake may offer new possibilities in the diagnosis of ovarian tumors. The general turnover of the 131I- HCG in these women is described and applied to a mathematical model. High relative concentrations of 131I were also seen in urine and saliva.[1]


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