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Harmful effects of i.v. Corynebacterium Parvum given at the same time as cyclophosphamide in patients with squamous-cell carcinoma of the bronchus.

The effects are reported of a combination therapy of i.v. C. parvum and cyclophosphamide on the survival time and immune responses of patients with inoperable squamous-cell carcinoma of the bronchus. The immune status of the patients was evaluated by determining the antibody response to C. parvum, the E and EAC rosettes, the PHA response of blood lymphocytes, the skin-test reactivity to Candida and PPD, the response to DNCB and the chemotaxis and NBT-dye reduction capacity of neutrophil leucocytes. The survival time of patients treated with the combination therapy was found to be significantly shorter than that of untreated patients and of those receiving cyclophosphamide only. Severe side effects were observed after C. parvum infusions, with no decrease on repeated administration. The effect of C. parvum on the different immune parameters of cyclophosphamide-treated patients was negligible, though there was a normal antibody response to C. parvum.[1]


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