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Properties of serum lipase in patients with various pancreatic diseases. Analysis by a new serum lipase assay method (the BALB-DTNB method) in combination with gel-filtration and iso-electrofocusing techniques.

Very low levels of lipase can easily be measured by a new serum lipase assay method (the BALB-DTNB method), using BAL-tributyrate (BALB) as a substrate, 5,5'-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) as a chromogenic SH reagent, phenylmethylsulfonylfluoride as an inhibitor of esterases and sodium dodecyl sulfate as a surfactant. The BALB-DTNB method has a higher sensitivity than the conventional serum lipase assay methods, and proved useful for analyzing the properties of serum lipases in combination with gel-filtration on a Sephacryl S 200 column and isoelectrofocusing in an Ampholine column. Serum samples containing high levels of lipases from patients with pancreatic diseases or patients in whom the pancreatic exocrine gland had been stimulated by injecting caerulein and secretin were analyzed by these methods. The lipolytic profiles obtained indicated the presence of a lipase with an estimated molecular weight of 46,000 and isoelectric points of 7.4, 6.8, or/and 6. 4. A lipase with properties similar to those of the serum lipase was found to be present in human pancreatic juice.[1]


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