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A C4HC3 zinc finger motif.

Metal-binding cysteine and histidine residues are often used to stabilise a protein fold through coordination of zinc ions. These zinc fingers are either involved in nucleic acid binding (TFIIIA, GAL4, nuclear receptors, retroviral gag...) or in yet unidentified biochemical functions ( LIM and RING domains). The latter characterized by a unique histidine residue in the zinc binding motif (C2HC5 and C3HC4 for the LIM and RING respectively) may constitute protein/protein interaction interfaces. We have identified a new C4HC3 motif in a variety of proteins including the Drosophila trithorax and its human homologue ALL-1 involved in oncogenic translocations in acute leukaemias. This domain, for which we propose the name TTC (for trithorax consensus) is found in many transcriptional regulators or DNA-binding proteins. Interestingly, TTC was found in several bromodomain containing transcriptional adaptors including the E1A- binding p300 and the CREB- binding CBP proteins. In CBP, this domain does not appear to be involved in DNA, CREB or TFIIB binding. In the chromosomal translocations that involve the 11q23 locus, the C-terminal end of ALL-1 (which contains 4 TTC fingers) is constantly lost. The absence of these motifs in the fusion genes may relate to their leukemogenic potential.[1]


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