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Immunohistochemical localization of neurocalcin in the rat inner ear.

Localization in the rat inner ear of neurocalcin, a three EF-hand calcium-binding protein, was examined immunohistochemically. Neurocalcin-like immunoreactivity was restricted to neurons in neuroepithelial receptor organs, while hair cells and supporting cells showed no such immunoreactivity. In the organ of Corti, both afferent and efferent nerve terminals, which formed synapses on both inner and outer hair cells, showed distinct immunoreactions. Spiral ganglion neurons and cochlear nerves were immunopositive. In the cristae ampullaris, macula utriculi and macula sacculi, afferent nerve terminals forming nerve calices or terminal boutons were strongly immunopositive. Efferent nerve terminals making synapses either on nerve calices or on hair cells showed an intense immunoreactivity. Vestibular ganglion neurons were strongly immunopositive. In electron microscopy, immunoreaction products were diffuse in the cytoplasm of ganglion neurons and nerve terminals. Neurocalcin-like immunoreactivity occurred in association with microtubules, outer mitochondrial membranes, synaptic vesicles and synaptic membranes. It is thus likely that neurocalcin is involved in neural functions in each type of afferent and efferent transmission in the inner ear.[1]


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