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Primate retroviruses: immunological cross-reactivity between major structural proteins of new and old world primate virus isolates.

The major 35,000-molecular-weight internal antigen ( p35) of the squirrel monkey retrovirus (SMRV) was isolated and partially characterized. Immunological analysis of SMRV p35 led to the demonstration of antigenic determinants common to SMRV and the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MPMV). A broadly reactive competition immunoassay was developed utilizing antiserum to MPMV to precipitate 125I-labeled SMRV p35. Although the major structural proteins of MPMV and SMRV competed with equal efficiency in this assay, type B and type C oncornavirus proteins lacked detectable reactivity. Antibodies reactive with the major structural proteins of both MPMV and SMRV were observed in sera of several normal rhesus monkeys with known prior exposure to MPMV-infected animals. These findings demonstrate the ability of sera from naturally immunized primates to recognize broadly reactive interspecies antigenic determinants shared by the major structural proteins of type D oncornaviruses, and they suggest possible horizontal transmission of MPMV among rhesus monkeys. Although sera from a number of squirrel monkeys contained antibody to SMRV p35, the possibility that this latter reactivity was due to endogenous virus activation rather than horizontal transmission cannot be ruled out.[1]


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