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Disease Transmission, Horizontal

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Disease relevance of Disease Transmission, Horizontal


High impact information on Disease Transmission, Horizontal

  • We discuss the possibility that the conservation of hobo, Ac, and Tam3 transposases represents an example of horizontal transmission of genetic information between plants and animals [6].
  • To test the idea that regular horizontal transmission is necessary for the long-term persistence of these genes, we surveyed 20 species of yeasts for the omega-homing endonuclease gene and associated group I intron [7].
  • Since viral occlusions are responsible for the horizontal transmission of AcMNPV in nature, the biosynthesis, localization, and assembly of polyhedrin are important events in the viral replication cycle [8].
  • It is linked to the P-pilus (prs) and F1C fimbrial (foc) gene clusters on a pathogenicity island and appears to have been acquired by IS1230-mediated horizontal transmission [9].
  • We present evidence for the recent introduction of rok into the B. subtilis-Bacillus licheniformis-Bacilllus amyloliquefaciens group by horizontal transmission [10].

Associations of Disease Transmission, Horizontal with chemical compounds

  • Epichloë species and their asexual descendants (Acremonium endophytes) are fungal symbionts of C3 grasses that span the symbiotic continuum from antagonism to mutualism depending on the relative importance, respectively, of horizontal transmission of sexual spores versus vertical clonal transmission in healthy grass seeds [11].
  • Horizontal transmission through parenteral drug abuse may be considered a possible reason for the significantly higher rates of HBV and HDV among parenteral drug abusers [12].
  • There is limited information on the horizontal transmission of Gly 145 Arg (G145R) mutant to related contacts [13].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study found that the clindamycin and third-generation cephalosporins were risk factors for C difficile-associated diarrhea after controlling for horizontal transmission [14].
  • Diflubenzuron generated significant (p < 0.05) mortality via horizontal transmission through two passages when the initial dose applied to a food source was 2,000 times the label rate for rangeland grasshopper control (label rate is 8.71 g AI/ha) [15].

Gene context of Disease Transmission, Horizontal

  • Two or 3 generation vertical and horizontal transmission of heterozygosity for the mutant Factor V gene was found in 4 of the 8 kindreds [16].
  • Although indiscriminate and inappropriate use of antibiotics has contributed to this phenomenon, horizontal transmission of MRSA between patients and health care providers is the principal cause of this observed increase [17].
  • Human parvovirus B19 (B19) infection during pregnancy can result in horizontal transmission of the virus and congenital infection [18].
  • Additional mutations in HBsAg were identified in at least two members in family 1 and 2, suggesting horizontal transmission of the mutant among them [19].
  • Since only 12% carried the ermA [TR] resistance gene, it is very likely that the gene has been acquired by horizontal transmission rather than from spread of a resistant circulating clone [20].


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