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Sweat gland adenomas: immunohistochemical study with emphasis on myoepithelial differentiation.

Thirty-one dermal appendage tumors of sweat gland differentiation including 7 spiradenomas (SPA), 8 cylindromas (CYL), 8 acrospiromas (ACS), and 8 chondroid syringomas (CS) were analyzed using antibodies to epithelial membrane antigen ( EMA), cytokeratin (AE1, AE3, CAM 5.2, 34BE12), S-100 protein, actin (ACT), and desmin (DES) to characterize the immunocytochemical profile of benign sweat gland tumors. Cytokeratin expression was variable; AE1, 34BE12, AE3, and CAM 5.2 were present in 31, 24, 23, and 22 tumors respectively; 29 tumors contained EMA. Seventeen tumors, (6 SPA, 8 CYL, 2 ACS, 1 CS) stained with antibody to alpha smooth muscle actin, and 26 (7 SPA, 7 CYL, 4 ACS, 8 CS) expressed S-100 protein. Although some prior studies had reported actin filaments on electron microscopy in both spiradenoma and cylindroma, these tumors have previously been considered to be negative for myoepithelial differentiation. All spiradenomas and cylindromas we studied demonstrated actin and/or S-100 protein positivity in basal epithelial cells, consistent with myoepithelial differentiation. The organization of actin and S-100 protein positivity displayed by the spiradenomas and cylindromas we studied suggests that the tumors are differentiated towards the secretory portion of the eccrine sweat gland.[1]


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