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Arterial hypertension associated with topical ocular use of phenylephrine in dogs.

In 3 dogs scheduled for surgical removal of cataracts, systemic and topical treatment with antibiotics and topical ocular treatment with prednisolone, atropine, flurbiprofen, and phenylephrine were used to achieve maximal mydriasis, with minimal risk of pupillary constriction in response to surgery. Each dog developed arterial hypertension, with systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressures ranging from 170 to 205, 90 to 112, and 123 to 148 mm of Hg, respectively. Hypertension was treated with acepromazine maleate (0.001 to 0.005 mg/kg of body weight) i.v., decreasing arterial pressures to reference values. Phenylephrine dosages for topical use ranged from 50 to 367 times greater than the i.v. dose required to increase arterial pressure by 50% in anesthetized dogs. Although adverse sequelae to these episodes of hypertension were not noticed, this report documents the uptake of phenylephrine from topical ocular application and suggests the need for dose-response measurements for this adjunct to mydriatic treatment in dogs.[1]


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