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Expression of selected osteogenic markers in the fibroblast-like cells of rat marrow stroma.

The fibroblast-like cells in the marrow stromal system were separated from endothelial cells and macrophages by negative selection of magnetic beads. Immunocytochemistry confirmed that these fibroblast-like cells expressed fibronectin and collagen Type III, but not Factor VIII and epithelial membrane antigen (endothelial cell markers) or Mac I (macrophage marker). The fibroblast-like stromal cells (FSC) synthesized the insulin-like growth factors (IGF)-I and -II in amounts equivalent to that produced by unfractionated marrow stromal cells (UMSC); in both, the concentration of IGF-II was 10 times higher than that of IGF-I. Northern analysis revealed that FSC and UMSC expressed identical patterns of mRNAs for IGF-I and transforming growth factor (TGF) -beta 2, for osteopontin, and for procollagen Types I and III (Type I > Type III). Type II procollagen mRNA was not expressed in both cell populations. The TGF-beta 2 gene mRNA was expressed at a lower level by the FSC than UMSC. The pattern of gene expression in these cells is consistent with an osteoprogenitor phenotype. Both FSCs and UMSCs express parathyroid hormone ( PTH) and estrogen receptor genes (rtPCR technique). The study provides additional evidence that fibroblast-like marrow stromal cells have an osteoblast signature, and that they are largely responsible for the osteogenic performance of cells in unfractionated marrow.[1]


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