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Strain variation in the katG region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Southern blot analysis of chromosomal DNA from clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using cosmid DNA probes revealed extensive strain variation in the katG region of the genome. In addition to deletion of the katG gene itself in some isoniazid-resistant strains, adjacent DNA fragments were missing or altered in a range of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant isolates. A species-specific 2kb Kpnl fragment located 10kb upstream of katG in M. tuberculosis H37Rv hybridized to fragments of differing size in different clinical isolates and was characterized in detail. Sequence analysis of this fragment in detail. Sequence analysis of this fragment showed that it comprised three tandem copies of a novel 75 bp repeat element flanked by multiple copies of the previously described 10 bp major polymorphic tandem repeat of M. tuberculosis (MPTR). The copy number of the 75 bp repeat was found to vary between strains, allowing application of a polymerase chain reaction amplification strategy for strain differentiation. These results indicate that the katG region of the M. tuberculosis genome is highly variable and unstable. The presence of repetitive sequences may contribute to instability in this region of the genome.[1]


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