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Gene Review

katG  -  catalase-peroxidase

Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551

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Disease relevance of katG


High impact information on katG


Chemical compound and disease context of katG


Biological context of katG


Anatomical context of katG


Associations of katG with chemical compounds

  • Sequencing of consecutive isolates identified by the National Tuberculosis Program showed 89% of isoniazid-resistant isolates could be detected by targeting just 2 codons, katG 315 and -15C-->T in the inhA promoter, while rifampin resistance will be more complex to detect, with many different mutation and insertion events in rpoB [22].
  • Isoniazid is a pro-drug, which, after activation by the katG-encoded catalase peroxidase, reacts nonenzymatically with NAD(+) and NADP(+) to generate several isonicotinoyl adducts of these pyridine nucleotides [23].
  • Mutations in katG, ahpC, and inhA were associated with rifampin resistance, but only katG315 mutations were associated with ethambutol resistance [24].
  • This promoter mutation occurred alone without katG mutations and was associated with a low level of INH and ethionamide resistance [25].
  • Resistance may be mediated by mycobacterial catalase-peroxidase (KatG) and possibly by alkyl hydroperoxide reductase (AhpC) [26].

Other interactions of katG

  • The Genotype MTBDR assay is designed to detect mutations within the 81-bp hotspot region of rpoB and mutations at katG codon 315 [16].
  • The strains present in the mummified remains were identified as M. tuberculosis and not Mycobacterium bovis, from katG and gyrA genotyping, PCR from the oxyR and mtp40 loci, and spoligotyping [27].
  • Surprisingly, most INH-resistant strains with KatG codon 315 substitutions that substantially reduce catalase-peroxidase activity and confer high MICs of INH lacked alterations in the ahpC gene or oxyR-ahpC intervening region [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of katG


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