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Chromosomal assignment of 11 loci in the rat by mouse-rat somatic hybrids and linkage.

Eleven rat genes have been assigned to rat chromosomes by use of mouse x rat somatic hybrids and/or use of linkage to known chromosome markers. Among them, the genes for the inducible nitric oxide synthase ( Nos2) and for a vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor (Vipr) are potential candidates for genetic regulation of blood pressure and were localized to rat Chromosomes (Chrs) 10 and 8 respectively. Genes for gastric H,K-ATPase alpha subunit ( Atp4a), Class I alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh), and aldolase C ( Aldoc) were localized to Chrs 1, 2, and 10 respectively, and thus provide more DNA markers for genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci for blood pressure on those chromosomes. Genes for alkaline phosphatase ( Alp1) and cardiac AE-3 Cl-/HCO3- exchanger (Ae3) were both localized to Chr 9. Genes for glutamate dehydrogenase (Glud) and gastric H,K-ATPase beta subunit ( Atp4b) were localized to Chr 16. The ornithine decarboxylase (Odc) gene and ornithine decarboxylase pseudogene ( Odcp) were localized to Chrs 6 and 11 respectively.[1]


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